Toto, we’re not in Kansas anymore….

When I first arrived in Australia, I visited my friend Micahela near Brisbane. In order to give me a proper introduction to Australia, Micahela took me to the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctaury. While there, I got to see my first bone fide Australian natural wonders! We visited kangaroos, wallabies, crocodiles, Tasmanian Devils, koalas, and more! The wombat was less that accommodating and kept its giant behind stuffed into a hollowed out log, out of sight.

It was humid and raining that day, and Michaela and I were in shorts….with no mosquito repellant. We were eaten alive. Well I was. Apparently, they prefer white meat….

So this is a photo of a juvenile grey kangaroo. The roos were miserable from being tormented by mosquitos. They were scattered around their enclosure (which we could walk in), some hiding under shelters others sitting underneath trees. This little guy was gently sniffing at a man’s outstretched hand. Very sweet.

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