Every picture has a story

Every picture has a story…..

This picture is of my two horses: Aries and Picasso. These boys are my heart and soul.

The white horse, Picasso, I have had since he was just a year old. He is my “like” in so many ways. He is everything I ever wanted in a horse or could have ever dreamed of. He is talented, has a eager attitude, and loves to learn.

The red horse, Aries, is also special to me. On the surface, he and I are very different. But we both are extremely similar on the inside. He has a heart of gold and is incredibly loving, but wouldn’t dare show that soft side to just anyone. He is a wild mustang that was captured at 11 years old. It took me a very long time to gain his trust and friendship.

These two horses are very different and yet, we, all of us together, make up a whole. A whole that is not equal to the sum of it’s parts.

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