This photo is of little Topaz and Chantelle.

Topaz was orphaned a few days after Christmas 2013. This colt is the product of two very special horses, so the hunt began for a surrogate mare to raise him. Thankfully a mare was found, and on New Years Eve little Topaz was taken to meet his new mom. It still remained to be seen whether his new mom would accept this colt that was her own. But thankfully, after several hours, she did. Topaz got to ring in the new year with a new mom.

This photo was taken the day Topaz and his new mom were brought back to the pasture they would call home. Chantelle was instrumental in caring for Topaz while he waited for his new mom. It was hard for her to leave him, even though she has visitation rights whenever she likes.

Chantelle lay down in the pasture with Topaz, both of them underneath the watchful eye of Topaz’s new mom. Happy New Year indeed.

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